What is a smart Home?

The dictionary defines it as a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices which can be managed remotely by phone or computer. A few standard devices to control a home are a security system, security cameras, lighting, audio/visual system, and more.

Due to a lack of standardization with device communication protocols, large automation controller companies (Crestron, AMX, Control 4, RTI, etc.) were the first on the market providing automated solutions. These companies created a universal protocol that managed and controlled each individual device’s protocols while providing a sleek interface to the user via a touchscreen display, app, or remote control. 

This design allowed complete management with multiple layers of automation, which allowed ease of use and control simple for the user. This level of hardware and control is quite expensive and relies on a dealer network to program every aspect of the interface and the desired outcome.

Due to the rapid surge of stable and reliable wifi, smartphones, and tablets, the ability to control the home is becoming easier every day. In the past, wifi was not stable or reliable, which meant that large automation controller companies relied heavily on wired devices. It limited the clientele base to most owners who were building a brand new home or performing major renovations in exposing bare stud walls to route infrastructure wiring throughout the house. 

With stable and reliable wifi and smartphones and tablets, the need for wired devices is no longer a requirement. While still no universal communication protocol exists, device manufacturers are building in smart home features into their products with their specific interface in the form of applications; which are downloaded and installed onto the smartphone or tablet. The big turning point was the hardware aspect, which was resolved by the smartphone and tablets. While each device is managed by their manufactures app, a central interface and full control can still only be provided by these large automation controller companies.

It all comes down to each client’s needs and budget. While using a large automation company would cost approximately four times as much as the individual app route, it is the only way to offer the level of control and integration that the client needs. It is best to consult with us to determine if a full automation system is required or if individual apps are best for you.

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