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general questions

We offer networking, installation, upgrades, high grade products for every space. Audio, Visual, Home Theater Systems, LED Lighting, Window Treatments, Security, Fans and more.

When working with a client building/renovating a home, we provide the following services: Whole Home Audio, Networking, Security, Cameras, Home Theater Systems.

Whole Home Audio provides music in every room or lanai on the property with music that can all be controlled via your phone or tablet.  It will allow streaming of practically any song with volume control and control over any room with a click or a swipe on your phone or tablet.

Networking provides internet access in every room via wifi or Ethernet jacks throughout the home.  We use professional grade switches, routers, and access points to ensure stable connections are made throughout the entire household.

Security is provided via Leviton, and every exterior window and door can be monitored via hardwire or wireless connection.  We are a firm believer in standalone systems without the costly monthly fees.  In the event of a burglary, the system will call you or any number to report a problem which will then give you the opportunity to call the police.

We provide camera solutions throughout the perimeter of the property with recording 24/7 and access available from your phone or tablet.  Like security, we are firm believers in standalone systems without the costly monthly fees.  There is no monitoring and thus no fee, but you as the homeowner has 24/7 access to the cameras as well as viewing the past recordings from your phone or tablet.

Home Theater Systems can be properly integrated and installed optimally while ensuring all wires are hidden during the building phase.

Lastly, we also provide consulting services where we look after the client’s financial well-being by providing oversight, recommendations, and the use of our network of quality contractors to ensure your home is built better than you imagined within budget.

We have the experience to discretely hide wires within the walls although sometimes, patching drywall is necessary for the look you are trying to achieve.  We have drywallers and painters on staff.

Yes, we do. We are an Authorized Dealer and provide installation. We’re here to help you design your smart living home. Call us for more information or to get started.

other questions

Contact us and make an appointment. We will come out to your home or business to show the various products available. We offer a free consultation.

Generally, we have a Monday-Friday schedule. We understand your time is valuable. We will on occasions work on the weekends, and it is dependent on the urgency and scope of the project and availability. We are closed during major holidays.

For all products purchased through Pueo Home, it will assume the Manufacturer’s warranty. We have a lifetime guarantee on the services we offer. Non-transferable.

Contact us via email or phone to set up an appointment. Start a “look book” or gather samples of images, materials, how many windows, etc. At our meeting, you’ll be able to see examples available in your interest. Once you have decided on the design, our staff will measure your space and order products. We will contact you once the products are available and schedule an appointment for installation. 

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